Warm Kale Salad with Shallots, Garlic, Dried Cranberries, & Toasted Pine Nuts


When I say this dish is a favorite in our house, what I really mean is that we've had it for dinner every single week since... well.. it's been so many years I can't remember when we started making it! All I know is that it must be full of everything our bodies need for us to not have gotten sick of it by now. In fact, we find ourselves excited about kale salad night (we lead very exciting lives, I can assure you). It can act as a side dish if served on its own, or make a full meal of it by serving over organic brown rice and topped with runny egg or your favorite plant-based protein. Whatever you do, make sure you try it, and don't be afraid to put your own spin on it -- it's wonderful and nourishing as it is, but adding your own flare or favorite toppings could turn this recipe into your own weekly tradition!

For The Salad: 2-3 bunches organic red kale 3 large shallots (5 or 6 smaller ones) 5 large cloves garlic 1/4 cup apple-juice sweetened dried cranberries (I buy mine from Whole Foods) 1/2 tsp pink sea salt 1/8 cup pine nuts 2 TBSP avocado oil or organic grass-fed ghee

Drizzle the avocado oil or add the ghee to a large (as large as you have!) pan on the stove (melt the ghee on medium heat until liquid, then turn off heat). Wash the kale, gently pat dry in a towel, and shred the leaves off of the stems into small pieces and place them into the pan.

Meanwhile, slice shallots thinly and peel garlic. Add sliced shallots to the top of the kale in the pan, and press the garlic, distributing on top of the kale. Turn the burner on to medium heat and allow the kale to wilt down. Using tongs or a spatula, fold in shallots and garlic so they make it to the bottom of the pan. It should take less than 10 minutes, but just keep moving the kale around within the pan so that it all wilts. When the kale is wilted and the shallots are beginning to appear translucent, turn off the heat. Toss in dried cranberries.

In a toaster oven or in a separate pan on the stove, toast the pine nuts. WARNING: These cook very fast, so you should keep an eye on them. It doesn't take much time for them to burn, so watch them and remove them from the heat when a few sides are nice and light brown.

Portion out in a bowl and top the kale salad with the toasted pine nuts.

Serve as a side dish or main dish (see below this photo). Bonus points if you drizzle with aged balsamic vinegar.

To serve as a main dish: Serve over organic brown rice, add a fried egg or your favorite plant-based protein, and drizzle with aged balsamic. The perfect dinner-in-a-bowl!