Why Your Nutrition, Wellness, or Fitness Business Needs an Awesome Website

websites for nutritionists

So you're a NTP, nutritionist, health coach, fitness trainer, or maybe soon-to-be one of these professionals. You've got the education and certification part down, but now how will you reach your target audience to help the people you want to help?

The best way to get in front of the people you want to reach -- your potential clients, your future e-book purchasers, YOUR people -- is to have a website that acts as a central hub for all aspects of you and your health & wellness business.

These days, without a website, it's really hard to have a professional-looking business. And since you are professional, you definitely need to have one. But just throwing a website up into the ether is not the answer.

Your website needs to be designed to appeal to your target audience, it needs to serves them in a few ways, it should add value to your business, and should also act as a tool to make your life easier as small business owner.

Design matters.

Believe it or not, the look-and-feel of your website is very important. Marketing and branding is an entire industry for good reason! It can make or break a potential client/customer connection. If a potential client lands on your website and they see a bunch of different fonts, colors that don't complement each other, poor formatting of images and graphics, they'll likely look elsewhere, even if you have a ton of amazing information and/or services to offer (which I know you do!). 

Having a look-and-feel for your website that is cohesive and on-brand (meaning, you want to establish a specific look, color scheme, and logo) that fits your business, elevates your business and gives you professionalism points from potential clients.

It also makes you recognizable! If you have branding that is clean, cohesive, and consistent, your current and future clients and customers will create positive associations with you and your brand, which can lead to repeat customers, and an overall positive client experience.

Content is king.

The information you provide on your website, known as content, should also be targeted, strategic, and well-planned. If your message is haphazard, your website visitor's experience will be too. They won't find what they're looking for, they'll be confused about what you're offering, and they will move onto the next website.

Content is the MOST important part of your website! Without quality content, your website serves little purpose. You want to convey your message and what you provide in a concise, clear, and targeted way such that your website visitors know exactly who you are, what you offer, and how you can help them. 

Streamline your hectic small-business-owner life!

As a small business owner (or soon-to-be one!) you've got enough on your plate. By leveraging a few key features on many common website platforms, you can make your life so much easier by streamlining appointment scheduling, accepting payments, and scheduling blog posts, all from your website.

There are so many ways your website can elevate your nutrition and wellness business, help you attract the clients you want to reach, and provide a valuable resource for your website visitors. 

Interested in building a healthier website? I help nutritionists, NTPs, dietitians, health coaches, and fitness trainers build websites designed to help them build their practice and serve their clients in a big way.

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