Building a Healthy Website 

Do you...

Want a website for your health & wellness business but you're tired of trying to figure out how to finagle your website platform's features to make it work for your needs?

Want a website for your health & wellness business but have no idea where to start or have never built a website before?

Want your website content to be optimized, SEO-friendly, and targeted to the type of people you want to help in your wellness business?

Get frustrated trying to format pages on your website and just wish someone could walk you through exactly how to get your page looking perfect?

Want to make your website engaging and helpful to your potential and current clients and also a useful tool for you and your business?

Think your current website is clunky and want a more streamlined interface for you on the back-end, and your potential clients and customers on the front-end?

Know your website content is haphazardly written and needs some tweaking in order to really communicate with your target clients?

Want to know how to use web-optimized photography and creative graphics to enhance your written content?

Want to make it easy for your clients and customers to purchase your products and services right from your website? (I know you do!)

...If this sounds like you, Building a Healthy Website is here to show you exactly how to create a beautiful, engaging, and helpful website for both your target clients AND you as a health & wellness business owner!


 NTA continuing education credits - NTA CEUs - Nutritional Therapy CEU

Hey fellow NTPs! Did you know that Building a Healthy Website qualifies for Continuing Education Credits for the Nutritional Therapy Association? You can get 10 of your 24 credits from business-related content, and this course is a great way to get those business credits in!