How to get started with your nutrition business even if you're not yet certified!

As a nutrition student and budding entrepreneur, I'm often caught between eagerly wanting to create and launch products related to what I'm learning in my nutrition course, and not knowing if my current knowledge is "enough" to actually put out content that could be valuable to my audience of readers and followers. 


With the guidance of the Digital Nomad Nutritionist course by Rebelle Nutrition, I have been able to find the happy medium between continuing to learn and starting to build my nutrition business so that when I graduate, I'm well-positioned to launch a my business with all my ducks in a row!

I'm going to be hosting a LIVE stream on my Instagram (@wildernutrition) along with Amie, the creator of the Digital Nomad Nutritionist course, where we're going to talk about the course itself and what you can expect, as well as how you can start a nutrition-related business even before you have a certification. 

Here's what you'll learn in the live stream:

  • The biggest mistakes that future nutritionists/NTP’s make when starting their businesses
  •  How to start building an audience of potential clients online

  • How to make your business stand out on social media

I am SO excited to share the information I learned from the course with you in this Instagram Live! All you have to do is sign up with your email below to join and learn how you can get your business started before getting a nutrition certification.