The best way to improve or maintain your health is by eating home-cooked meals with fresh, high-quality ingredients. But if you don’t enjoy cooking or simply don’t have the time to cook fresh, healthy meals for yourself, our in-home meal prep services can help!

Using fresh ingredients with a focus on colorful vegetables, high-quality animal protein, and creative flavors, you can take advantage of the nutritional benefits of home-cooked meals without having to lift a finger.

Each meal will be balanced, using a combination of healthy proteins, energy-giving fats, fresh and nutrient-dense vegetables and fruits, and whole, fiber-rich grains.

Currently taking clients in the DC-MD-VA area!


Pricing starts at $35/meal (plus grocery bill reimbursement), but please contact me for package pricing. We can customize specifically for your needs. Minimum of 5 meals/week.

Initial consultation (usually about 1 hour) is $65. During this consultation, you’ll learn about my approach, I’ll learn about your needs, and I provide a lot of information that will help you out as we get started!

How it works:

  • We'll schedule a phone call or in-person meeting so that I can learn about your food preferences, any dietary restrictions or allergies, and health conditions or goals. We will also discuss how many prepared meals per week fit best with your lifestyle.
  • I develop the dishes and menus for you, come to your home and prepare the number of meals we discussed in our consultation. Your meals will be placed in re-usable containers, and will be ready for you to heat and eat at your leisure.
  • I will invoice you for the grocery bill after each shop.

Sample Meals:


  • Jammy Eggs with sauteed lemony kale, with fluffy quinoa and buckwheat blend.
  • Veggie Scramble with roasted bell pepper and basil sauce with a side of roasted sweet potatoes.
  • Green protein superfoods smoothie (ingredients are portioned out and prepared frozen so you just throw in the blender with liquid)


  • Southwest Salad with fresh romaine and spinach, sauted bell peppers and sweet onions, with seasoned ground beef or turkey
  • Spring Rolls with lime-sauteed shrimp or chicken, fresh-sliced mango, cucumbers, and bell peppers, in a rice-paper wrap. Comes with a peanut dipping sauce.
  • Superfood Bowl with sauteed greens, roasted carrots, onions, and a tahini garlic sauce, with choice of protein (chicken, salmon, marinated tempeh)


  • Pan-seared salmon with garlicky greens, and brown rice, all topped with basil pesto sauce.
  • Cast-iron crispy chicken thighs with fajita veggies, and cilantro rice.
  • Marinated tempeh tacos with kraut and an avocado crema.

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