Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy is a holistic approach to nutrition using properly prepared, nutrient-dense whole foods, along with a well-balanced lifestyle, to correct nutritional imbalances and dysfunction in the body.

Working together, we will take a foundational approach to wellness, and dig deep to explore the root cause issues contributing to your health challenges, so that you can make the necessary nutrition and lifestyle changes that will lead to long-term improvements in your health and wellbeing. 

If you…

  • Suffer from uncomfortable and frustrating bloating, constipation, diarrhea, acid reflux/heartburn, and general digestive discomfort.

  • Have gone to gastroenterologists or other doctors who haven’t been able to help you figure out or heal your digestion.

  • Eat a healthy/”clean” diet and can’t understand why you’re feeling sick.

  • Have a growing list of food intolerances and feel like you can't eat ANYTHING without having some sort of reaction.

  • Exercise everyday and experience problems with digestion, energy levels and/or hormone imbalance.

  • Find yourself dragging with low energy every day despite getting a full night’s sleep.

  • Crave snacks throughout the day.

  • Need caffeine in the morning so that you can function.

  • Have lost your period or have an irregular cycle.

  • Deal with chronic inflammation or joint pain that gets in the way of the physical activity you love to do and/or interferes with everyday life.

  • Want to support your athletic and fitness pursuits with proper nutrition recommendations tailored to your individual needs.

  • Want to stop counting calories and/or macros and want to get more in-tune with your ability to eat intuitively.

...then Nutritional Therapy is right for you.

What can you expect?

  • After you purchase a package, you'll get an email from Amy with instructions to fill out some forms that we'll use as assessment tools to determine areas of the body that need extra support nutritionally.

  • During the first session, you'll get a deep-dive analysis of your completed forms, discuss your concerns and goals, and you'll leave the first session with an initial plan and recommendations from Amy.

  • On follow-up sessions, we'll check in and see how things are going with your plan, and make adjustments as needed, answer questions, and address any concerns.

  • Sessions happen via video call or phone call.

Choose from any of the Nutritional Therapy packages below. Once you purchase a package, you'll receive an email from me with next steps to schedule an appointment time and complete the required forms.

FREE Discovery Call

Schedule a free 15-minute discovery call where we can learn a bit about each other and see if working together is a good fit! This is also a great opportunity for you to ask questions about the packages listed below, etc.