• Recipes, customized to your likes, preferences, and any allergies, to get you through the week.
  • All recipes include step-by-step instructions, and use similar ingredients so they’re easy to mix-and-match to make several different meals. I love recipes that utilize bulk cooking so that it’s easy to throw together meals when hunger strikes! Because of this, many of these meals will incorporate similar elements, but in creative combinations to keep things fresh and exciting! This makes it easier on you too, because you cook many things at once, rather than each meal separately.
  • Grocery list (with staples that you’ll be able to have in your pantry for many different recipes, and replenishables that you’ll want to buy fresh) OR groceries delivered to your door via (and you would be invoiced for the grocery bill, or you can create your own account to be debited directly).
  • Detailed reheating instructions, if applicable

These options are great for those who have food allergies, specific food preferences, or who are following a special health or nutrition protocol:

Custom Meal Planning - 1 week
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Custom Meal Planning - 4 weeks

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These options are best for those who don't need super customized meals (if you're not picky or don't have any particular food aversions/dislikes, then these are great for you!):

General Meal Planning (not custom) - 1 week
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General Meal Planning (not custom) - 4 weeks

Save 15% by signing up for 4 weeks!

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What can you expect?

  • After you purchase your meal planning package, you'll get an email shortly thereafter with a link to complete a questionnaire that will give me an understanding of your favorite foods, likes/dislikes, and/or allergies, so that you can get recipes customized just for you!

  • Each week you will get 7 easy-to-follow recipes and your choice of grocery list or groceries delivered straight to your door via or your local store with delivery capabilities.

  • You make the recipes in your own kitchen and enjoy meals without having to worry about what to make for dinner tonight!


The best way to improve or maintain your health is by eating home-cooked meals with fresh, high-quality ingredients. But if you don’t enjoy cooking or simply don’t have the time to cook fresh, healthy meals for yourself, our in-home meal prep services can help!

Using fresh ingredients with a focus on colorful vegetables, high-quality animal protein, and creative flavors, you can take advantage of the nutritional benefits of home-cooked meals without having to lift a finger.

Each meal will be balanced, using a combination of healthy proteins, energy-giving fats, fresh and nutrient-dense vegetables and fruits, and whole, fiber-rich grains.

Currently taking clients in the DC-MD-VA area!


Pricing starts at $35/meal (plus grocery bill reimbursement), but please contact me for package pricing. We can customize specifically for your needs. Minimum of 5 meals/week.

Initial consultation (usually about 1 hour) is $65. During this consultation, you’ll learn about my approach, I’ll learn about your needs, and I provide a lot of information that will help you out as we get started!

How it works:

  • We'll schedule a phone call or in-person meeting so that I can learn about your food preferences, any dietary restrictions or allergies, and health conditions or goals. We will also discuss how many prepared meals per week fit best with your lifestyle.
  • I develop the dishes and menus for you, come to your home and prepare the number of meals we discussed in our consultation. Your meals will be placed in re-usable containers, and will be ready for you to heat and eat at your leisure.
  • I will invoice you for the grocery bill after each shop.

Sample Meals:


  • Jammy Eggs with sauteed lemony kale, with fluffy quinoa and buckwheat blend.
  • Veggie Scramble with roasted bell pepper and basil sauce with a side of roasted sweet potatoes.
  • Green protein superfoods smoothie (ingredients are portioned out and prepared frozen so you just throw in the blender with liquid)


  • Southwest Salad with fresh romaine and spinach, sauted bell peppers and sweet onions, with seasoned ground beef or turkey
  • Spring Rolls with lime-sauteed shrimp or chicken, fresh-sliced mango, cucumbers, and bell peppers, in a rice-paper wrap. Comes with a peanut dipping sauce.
  • Superfood Bowl with sauteed greens, roasted carrots, onions, and a tahini garlic sauce, with choice of protein (chicken, salmon, marinated tempeh)


  • Pan-seared salmon with garlicky greens, and brown rice, all topped with basil pesto sauce.
  • Cast-iron crispy chicken thighs with fajita veggies, and cilantro rice.
  • Marinated tempeh tacos with kraut and an avocado crema.

Get in touch using the form below to get started with In-Home Meal Prep:

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(Please include "In-Home Meal Prep" in your subject line)

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Recipe Development &
Food Photography


Food Photography & Food Styling

I love playing with my food. That is, I love getting creative with food, making it look mouthwatering and pop off the screen or the page. Using props and beautiful, fresh ingredients, as well as understanding how light affects a photograph, I can create beautiful images for your product or brand that you can use on your website, social media channels, product packaging, and other marketing materials.

Recipe Development 

Creating delicious, healthy, and accessible recipes is my bread & butter (pun intended). I love getting creative with flavor combinations and ingredients to make irresistible dishes that are simple for even the least experienced home cook to put together. If you are a brand whose focus is health or whose target audience is health-conscious people or those who want to be more health-conscious, I’d love to create a recipe using your product that can be shared with your readers/customers/followers.

Want to work together? Send me a message below to get in touch!

Name *

Website Development for Nutritionists & Health Coaches


A website is usually your client's first impression of you and your business. Needless to say, you want it to be a good one! 

You want to make sure your website is beautifully designed, the content is organized and tells the story you want to convey, and the look and feel is a reflection of your business and connects with the audience you're trying to reach.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out at

Nutrition Website Design & Development Services:

Homepage Review

Having an optimized homepage is key. When someone visits your website, this is the first page they land on, so you want to be sure you’re putting your best foot forward.

I will review your homepage and make suggestions for placement of navigation blocks/menus, promotional blocks, ads, social media account feeds, blog, etc.

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About Page Review

Possibly even more important than your homepage is your about page, as this is the most frequently visited page on your website! People want to know who you are before they decide to work with you, so ensuring that you’re making the impression you want to be making is key!

I will review your current about page and make suggestions and re-writes as needed.

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Overall Website Architecture Review

The organization, or architecture, of your website is critical for making sure your audience can find what they’re looking for.

I will review your current website’s architecture and make suggestions on how to improve or optimize it for easy navigation. This does not include content review, just organization of the content you have.

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Website Design and Creation

Working together, we’ll determine the best platform for your particular website (either Squarespace or Wordpress) based on your business and your particular needs.

Then, you will provide me with the starting content (text and images) you’d like to include, and I will build your site, start-to-finish, and even set up your domain and hosting for you if you don’t already have them. We’ll make sure that your website reflects your branding (logo, colors, general look and feel), and I’ll make very general suggestions as to the content that is typically seen on Nutritionist or NTPs’ websites.

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Website Design & Creation + Content

This package includes everything from the WEBSITE DESIGN & CREATION with the addition of content creation.

Working together, I’ll get a sense for your business, your services, and what you want out of the website, and I will write all of the starting content. Photography is not included in the content creation process, but I will include any photos you provide and would like to use!

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